July 24, 2014 at 01:19pm

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Everyone looks worried apart from that guy on the far left.. 

i like how the guy on the right is so shocked he becomes a teapot

he becomes a teapot

he becomes a teapot

I’ve been laughing for the last 7 minutes because of the teapot guy

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  May 25, 2014 at 09:52am
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Title: A Certain Romance Artist: Arctic Monkeys 19,909 plays

Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance live @ Finsbury Park,

Rare acoustic solo performace

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The truest statement I’ve ever heard in my life was that “not all men harass and abuse women but all women are harassed and abused by men.”

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not even for a million

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copyright 2001, american girl library empowering girls by teaching them what consent is and how manipulation is never ok

American Girl was the best shit.
I’ve seen people get grossed out by the illustrations in their puberty books, but lord, how else was I supposed to properly learn? American Girl gave zero fucks about conservative family feelings. They were like “girls need to know this shit and we’re going to market it in such a way that you buy it”

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